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Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your bus time, there can often be line-ups at peak times. Buses run every 30 minutes during peak times of the day - see the schedule for more information.


Please note that the bus will not run on Christmas day. Please have fun, and stay safe while enjoying time with your friends and family.


The bus driver will check everyone’s passes, tickets, and punch cards, so please have them ready before boarding the bus. An extra piece of ID may be requested.


Fraudulent use of season passes will result in being banned from the bus for the remainder of the season - and season passes or punch passes will be canceled effective immediately. No refund will be given.


Please ensure you refrain from smoking and drinking on the bus and our drivers reserve the right to deny passage should there be any reason to cause distress to other riders or the driver.


Passengers must remain seated while the bus is in motion.


Season Passes are non-refundable, and any lost passes will incur a $20 administration/re-issue fee.

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